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Request Hardball's Chris Matthews to withdraw from AAHOA convention
Action Alert: Request Hardball's Chris Matthews to withdraw from AAHOA Convention honoring Narendra Modi

March 01, 2005

Narendra Modi, the architect of the 2002 Gujarat pogrom has been invited by his supporters to be honored at the convention of the Asian American Hotel Owners association in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. His arrival coincides with the third anniversary of the Gujarat massacres in which more than 2000 Muslims were brutally killed, hundreds of women and girls were raped and sexually mutilated and over 150,000 were ethnically cleansed. The surviving victims continue to be persecuted in Gujarat.

The Coalition Against Genocide (CAG), of which IMC-USA is a founding member, is campaigning against Narendra Modi's felicitation in US. Narendra Modi's crimes are being whitewashed by honoring him in a convention attended and supported by US lawmakers and celebrities. A major step in the campaign against Narendra Modi involves reminding the attendees of the aforementioned convention that he is an accused in heinous crimes against humanity.

Chris Matthews of MSNBC Hardball program is scheduled to give a keynote address at the convention. He has been asked by the Coalition Against Genocide to withdraw from the AAHOA convention unless Narendra Modi's invitation is cancelled. We have already sent a dossier on Narendra Modi and the fascist Hindutva movement to Mr. Matthews.

Please contact Chris Matthews and politely request him to withdraw from the AAHOA convention. Also ask him to report on the funding of ethnic cleansing in India by the extremist groups, based in US, which are supporting Narendra Modi.


Call or write to Chris Matthews at MSNBC Hardball.

Call: (202) 737-7091 and ask for staff member Tina Urbanski

Call: (202) 783-2615 and ask for staff member Christina Jamison

Fax: (201)583 5453


Chris Matthews - Chris.matthews@msnbc.com
Hardball Staff - christina.jamison@msnbc.com; cpendy@msnbc.com
Dominic Bellone, Hardball Producer and Editor of Hardball Newsletter - DBellone@MSNBC.com
David Shuster - DShuster@MSNBC.com

Blog: Hardblogger@MSNBC.com

Send copies of correspondence to info@coalitionagainstgenocide.org

Please copy and distribute this alert. The petition can be downloaded from http://coalitionagainstgenocide.org/

Narendra Modi is the Chief Executive of the Gujarat State Government that was complicit in the massacres and rapes of thousands of people as documented by Amnesty International and the Indian National Human Rights Commission (NHRC). The Supreme Court of India's bench statement has rebuked him calling him a "modern day Nero" for his actions during the pogroms.

The 2002 Gujarat pogroms specifically targeted women and children and used sexual mutilation as an ethnic cleansing tool.

Narendra Modi's Government is still persecuting religious and ethnic minorities in Gujarat and was criticized by the US State Department of International Religious Freedom report.

State that we understand Mr. Matthews has been misled by AAHOA. He should withdraw from the convention so as not to stand in support of massacres and persecution of minorities and for the sake of his reputation and credibility.
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